Medical Education In Belarus

Medical Education in the Republic of Belarus

Training of health professionals in the Republic of Belarus is based on the up-to-date education technologies of higher and medical secondary education in combination with high-tech methods of practical medicine that enables them to be competitive and flexible in the world labour market.

Quality improvement of highly skilled specialists training at medical educational institutions of the republic is based on updating structure and content of medical and pharmaceutical education, as well as curricula, on their upgrading and adaptation to high-tech and science intensive educational requirements and needs of practical public health, on the development of the methodical support and creation of necessary conditions for independent work of students and pupils, on the introduction of tele-education, other innovation technologies and methods in the educational process, on the optimization of the scope of theoretical and practical training at medical educational institutions, on continuous advanced training of teaching staff, on strengthening material and technical base of medical educational institutions. For more information contact us.